PD Spotlight

Pathway Program Director Spotlight

Teresa Burns RN BSN


Teresa Burns is a Senior Project Manager and Pathway Program Director at the recently Pathway re-designated Indiana University Health Tipton Hospital. Teresa shares the personal impact of designation, using the framework through the pandemic and future plans. Click here to read more on what the Pathway designation means to Teresa and her organization.

What has the Pathway designation meant to you?

The Pathway to Excellence designation has shown our facility has a true passion to meet the Pathway Standards through leadership, safety, quality, and professional development. This reinforces that we have a strong team effort and nurses who care about our patients, as they do each other. It’s a priority for us to hear and acknowledge nurses’ voices at our hospital. When I read our truly inspiring Pathway document, it made me so proud to be part of such a wonderful, caring team and facility for many years. We do great things at IU Health Tipton Hospital and this designation proves we all should be proud of the great work we do every day. 

How do you feel the PTE framework has supported you during this time?

As we move forward from the last few difficult years of dealing with COVID-19, the Pathway framework supports our nurses by giving them the ability to have their voices heard through shared decision-making that affects their everyday work. This framework also supports the wellbeing and professional development of our nurses and encourages self-care, that in turn will encourage a healthier and more focused team.

What do you hope to do in the future to support your PTE designation?

As I move closer to my retirement, I will begin transitioning this role to our next Pathway Program Director. I want to ensure that the importance of this designation for our nurses and hospital is continued. As a hospital, we need to maintain these high standards to support our nurses in their daily patient care and well-being.