PD Spotlight

Pathway Program Director Spotlight

Dr. Rebecca Miller, PhD, MHSA, RN, NE-BC


Rebecca Miller is the Director of Professional Practice at Methodist Northeast Hospital in Live Oak, Texas.  Methodist Northeast Hospital  achieved their re-designation in January 2022. Becky shares the personal impact of designation, using the framework through the pandemic and future plans.

What did getting the Pathway designation mean to you?

Receiving a Pathway to Excellence (PTE) designation demonstrates our commitment as an organization to a healthy work environment for our staff and has been the pinnacle of pride for our organization. I am honored and beyond blessed to be part of this prestigious designation. We find great value and honor in being a Pathway to Excellence designated hospital. Through the staffing shortages we have experienced, our nurses continued to persevere and support efforts in our redesignation process.

How do you feel the PTE framework has supported you during this time?

Over the course of my tenure as a Pathway to Excellence Program Director, I have worked with various leaders who tried making the model fit their work and others who have adopted the model into their work. Using the Pathway to Excellence model as the structure for building a healthy work environment has proven to be the most effective method for ensuring a successful PTE designation and optimizing work environment practices. For hospitals struggling to engage staff and to motivate staff to perform at a higher level, a healthy work environment is foundational. The PTE model provides the structure for meeting organizational goals in the people pillar.

What do you hope to do in the future to support your PTE designation?

We will continue to advance our efforts to maintain our PTE designation by engaging staff through shared governance, learning best practices, attending conferences, elevating nursing practice through EBP and scholarship, and measuring and celebrating our successes. We will stay abreast of PTE manual updates and incorporate the standards into our work.