PD Spotlight

Pathway Program Director Spotlight

Kelly Behrendt MSN, RN


Kelly Behrendt Director of Professional Development at Sky Ridge Medical Center in Aurora, Colorado.  Sky Ridge Medical Center  achieved their second designation in May 2021. Kelly shares the personal impact of designation, using the framework through the pandemic and future plans.

  • What did getting the Pathway designation mean to you?
    • The designation signifies that our Sky Ridge Medical Center nurses are driving nursing practice.  Nurses not only have a seat at the table but their voice is heard and they are leaders at the bedside and beyond.  Our Nurses are empowered to make change and be involved.  Especially during the pandemic, nurses were celebrated and honored more than in any other time in my 38 year career.  I don’t remember a time I felt more proud to be a nurse.
  • How do you feel the PTE framework supports your nurses during this time?
    • There is a heightened focus on nurses, especially during the pandemic and facing the projected severe shortage of nurses in our immediate future.  To elevate what we do at Sky Ridge by being a Pathway designated facility highlights how much nurses are involved and valued at our organization.  Our Pathway designation will be the differentiator for newly graduated nurses as they find their first job and for seasoned nurse as they look for a change in employment.

  • What do you hope to do in the future to support your PTE designation?
    • Continue to share with my sister hospitals on their journey as well as continuing to learn from others on how they creatively support the Pathway Standards.  This is a collective experience and collaboration is so important!