PD Spotlight

Pathway Program Director Spotlight

Chad B. Massey, MBA, MSN, RN, NE-BC

Brief Bio:
Chad B. Massey is the Director of Education and Pathway to Excellence Program Coordinator for Colquitt Regional Medical Center. In this role, he manages all aspects of the hospital’s education and training needs, including HealthStream and ACEMAPP implementation, AHA Training Center coordination, and overseeing the Nurse Residency and Nurse Extern programs. A Madison, FL native, Chad began his journey in healthcare serving as a patient care technician and worked as an emergency medical technician while attending nursing school at North Florida College. As an RN, his experience in the Emergency Department (ED) and Intensive Care Unit allowed him to develop his leadership skills and become an ED manager, where he oversaw up to 120 staff members in a 44-bed department. Chad is a firm believer in the values of professional and leadership development and has received Master’s degrees in both Nursing and Business Administration from Thomas University. He is Nurse Executive Board Certified by the ANCC and has been a member of the ACHE since 2019. Chad lives in South Georgia with his wife, Ashley, and son, Parker.

What did getting the Pathway designation mean to you?
One of our primary goals in the Education Department is to ensure that nurses are empowered to excel in their roles through support, education, and strong processes. Pathway to Excellence provides a great framework to ensure that the hospital empowers each and every nurse. The culture at Colquitt Regional is unlike any other hospital I have been a part of and through strong leadership, shared-governance structures, and transition to practice programs it continues to be the best place for nurses to work in our area and one of the best in the nation. When we work with human resources to recruit nurses into our Nurse Extern and Nurse Residency programs, having the Pathway to Excellence framework and nurses who are engaged in the processes makes it easy to promote our culture and work environment that is unlike any other.

How do you feel the PTE framework has support you during this time?
Our nurse survey for the Pathway designation was scheduled for June 2020. With the impact of COVID-19 in our community and among hospital employees, we were unsure how engaged nurses would be in the process. When given the option to delay our survey we decided to move forward with the June survey dates. Ultimately, we felt that although we were dealing with unprecedented times, the nurses remained supported and a top priority to the organization because of the culture built around Pathway. We were impressed to learn that after only 3 days, we reached our survey completion goal for designation! Pathway provided our CNO, nurse leaders, and direct care staff with a framework that helped build a culture where, even in the worst of times, nurses feel supported, empowered, and understand that they have a respected voice in the organization.

What do you hope to do in the future to support your PTE designation?
We will continue to work hard creating avenues for nurses to have and use their voices and ensuring that those voices are considered in every decision we make as an organization. It is important for nurses to understand that we will continue our shared governance model as well as our promise to “Live Pathway” by exceeding at all 6 standards of the Pathway to Excellence. Our Shared Nurse Advisory Council (SNAC) has continued to meet through virtual meetings during COVID-19 and is beginning to offer in-person options again following CDC guidelines. Our Bedside Leadership Council, which includes charge nurses from all nursing areas, will begin meeting in-person again next month to discuss important issues and ensure the organization understands these issues. To support a culture of well-being, the hospital has recently partnered with a local organization to provide healthcare workers with counseling opportunities related to the stresses of COVID-19, in addition to other therapy services already available. As we continue to focus on professional development, we are working toward a new education and simulation center that can provide opportunities for detailed skills training, hold authentic patient situations with an interdisciplinary team, strengthen our nurse orientation, provide relaxation areas, and offer space to have professional speaker events.