PD Spotlight

Pathway Program Director Spotlight

September 2020

Sarah Perron

Sarah Perron has been a nurse for 22 years and earned her first certification in 2005. She completed her Masters in Nursing Education in 2005 and her PhD in Nursing Research in 2015. Sarah is currently the Manager of Clinical Professional Practice at St. Joseph’s Hospitals, part of the BayCare Health System in Tampa, Florida.

How are you and your organization handling the current COVID? How do you feel the PTE framework has support you during this time?
Throughout the current COVID Pandemic, we keep those closest to the process involved in helping to make practice decisions. The Pathway to Excellence standards align with the organizations approach to care for patients, the team and self-care. On-going communication from our leaders with reminders for self-care, and ways to protect ourselves in our personal lives are augmented in the organizational COVID status updates.

What did getting the Pathway designation mean to you?
Earning the Pathway to Excellence designation was validation of the positive practice environment promoted within the organization.

What do you hope to do in the future to support your PTE designation?
2021 brings the re-designation applications for 5 of the hospitals. I am excited to write the applications and hear all the wonderful things that each hospital is doing to promote the Pathway to Excellence standards. At the core of the Pathway to Excellence program is shared governance. The shared governance structure within the organization is dynamic – keeping that input into decision-making at the center of change. Our strong foundation with keeping bedside nurses involved in decision-making, combined with solid-forward thinking leadership has helped to keep the team abreast of the fluid situation, calm the team in the uncertainty and provide a humanistic approach through the pandemic.