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Program Director of the Year

Kim Failla, PhD, RN, NE-BC, NPD-BC
Sharp Healthcare
RN Residency Program Director 

Dr. Kim Failla is Director for Sharp HealthCare’s Terrence and Barbara Caster Institute for Nursing Excellence and Clinical Associate Professor at University of San Diego. Kim is also an appraiser for the American Nurses Credentialing Center Practice Transition Accreditation Program..... Read More

Tips for all PTAP/APPFA Self-Study Narrative Responses

Standard:  PL, PG/OM, OE, DD, PBL.  The individual standard language will be here.  Pay close attention to the person/place and topic that you should focus on when writing the description and demonstration.

Description: In this section you will type in your process.  This section is person agnostic, meaning you do not list names.  Instead, you will use terms such as “Program Director” “Unit Educator” as appropriate for your entity. The description is the process you use routinely, time and time again. 

Demonstration: In this section you will type one specific time in real life that the process you described above actually happened.  This section requires you to use a real name, a real date, a real location, and details that show the processes that are being used in the “real world”.  For example, if the description was about the program director advocating for resources for the program at a monthly leadership meeting, then you will write the date, location, name of the program director, what the type of meeting was, what was discussed, and how that discussion directly relates to the PD advocating to executives for program resources and what the PD asked for. 

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