Program Directors of the Month

Program Directors of the Month

April 2020

Amy Sutor

I began my nursing career in 2001 as a newly graduated nurse from the University of Delaware and was blessed to join an amazing organization (ChristianaCare) and work with a supportive care team for six years on the cardiac stepdown unit. During that time I developed in my professional role as an expert at the bedside, achieving my master’s degree in nursing leadership and education in 2006. Serving as a frequent preceptor and charge nurse fueled my desire for teaching others and required me to develop my leadership skills. In 2007, with a little encouragement and confidence boosting from my mentor, I transitioned into the cardiac Intensive Care Unit. My time in the cardiac ICU was where I fell in love with the organized chaos, technology, responsibility, and energy of critical care.

My five-year plan at the time focused on becoming a clinical expert in critical care then obtaining a university teaching position at my alma mater in either a critical care nursing elective or organic chemistry. In 2011 an even more amazing opportunity arose in the form of an open position as the unit-based Nursing Professional Development Specialist for the Cardiac and Cardiovascular ICUs and Open-Heart Stepdown units. I was able to achieve my goal of teaching critical care while remaining in a critical care work environment. And, so I served in that position for seven amazing and transformative years.

In October of 2018 I accepted the position of Nursing Professional Development Manager for our Nurse Residency Program and Primary Nurse Planner of our Approved Provider Unit for Continuing Nursing Education. I am privileged to work with a visionary nursing executive team and lead 8 passionate Site Clinical Coordinators to drive excellence in our 10 specialty nurse residency tracks and to inspire our new nurses to become future leaders. I serve as our Program Manager and as the Site Clinical Coordinator for our Critical Care and Progressive Care residency tracks.

What does PTAP accreditation mean to us? It is an honorable recognition that we at ChristianaCare are actively living our organizational values and behaviors of Love and Excellence to provide the best experience and training for our new to practice nurses. While Love in healthcare may seem controversial, we recognize this value as the deep interconnectedness and partnership we build not only with our customers, but with ourselves and each other. Love and Excellence provide our framework for optimal outcomes, excellent experiences, and financial vitality.

Moving forward, we are extremely excited to begin stakeholder brainstorming sessions to transition our six month nurse residency program to a full 12 months, with a major focus on wellbeing and resiliency training.