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September 2023: Consensus call preparation

Before the consensus call with your team member, make sure to review the program’s application, site list, practice settings, and self-study. Take notes as you perform your review. As you read through the self-study complete the QRIR document and make comments! Comment on items you see as strengths, opportunities, as well as any you score as “partially met”. Try to be as detailed as possible with your comments by drafting the question or additional documentation you would ask for. Taking this little bit of extra time will help your consensus call go smoothly. You can focus on the standards that need to be discussed and breeze by those that don’t need extra attention. Preparing well for this call will facilitate a smoother review process.

August 2023: Consensus… Not quite?

If you and your team member are conducting your consensus call, and you are going back and forth if a standard is “met” or “partially met,” then ask for additional documentation. It’s important to have enough information to be confident with your decision. However, when you ask for additional documentation, make sure to be specific! Don’t just repeat the standard back to the organization, ask for what you need in your own words.

July 2023: So Many Sites and Practice Settings/Service Lines… So Little Time

Is a large program making your head spin? Try printing the organization’s application, site names, and practice setting/service line names. You can use this to familiarize yourself with their structure and check off sites and practice settings/service lines examples as you read through the self-study. This can help you easily check to ensure all sites and practice settings are represented. If you have multiple sites, consider looking up the locations online. Are they all in the same geographical area? Do they cross state lines? Additionally, these notes and resources are helpful to have at your fingertips during the virtual visit.

June 2023: When in Doubt – Read it Out!

Having trouble deciding if a standard is “met” or “partially met?” Try reading both the standard and the description/demonstration OUT LOUD! This can help you focus on the words and the narratives. If you are still having difficulty, make a note as to what additional information and questions you have. Finish reading the entire self-study and then come back a second time to review the standards you had questions about. Make a note that you had to review these again. You may have settled on “met,” however this will help relay your thoughts during the consensus call with your appraiser partner. They may have the same thoughts you did!

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